Final Class

Just finished up my last class in Thailand for this semester, so besides grading the final exam and submitting final grades, things are just about wrapping up around here. I am looking forward more and more to going back home, but we are still able to enjoy ourselves these final days in Thailand. We ate at the Sizzler again last night, and while walking around the mall, I finally took some video of some of the major American fast food chains that are here in Thailand. Although you may not be able to make out the menus of the restaurants in the videos, you can get a sense of how similar they are, though there may be a few items on the menu that are different (e.g., “spicy” chicken, fish sticks, etc.). I have also added a few pictures to the “June Pictures” photos that I posted earlier (e.g., Ronald McDonald, “Jeffrey” from ToysRus) as well photos from getting my visa extended yesterday – now featured in the last post.

Jet and I are just making final plans for our last days in Bangkok, such as when to pack all of our stuff up and bring it over to Jet’s Mother’s condo and when we should stop by the MBK shopping mall one last time to pick up a few last minute odds and ends. The plan is to leave for Phitsanulok Friday evening and return back to Bangkok either on Tuesday or Wednesday next week. I am not sure how often I will have access to the Internet, but I will try to add at least one more post before we return.


One Response to “Final Class”

  1. Linda and Donald Says:

    Donald is at the Lodge helping with the barbecue. He feel’s some relief from the responsibility, since he’s not in charge this year. Tell Jet’s Mom Hello for us. She should come visit us before you move away. Have a great few days and we’ll see you next week.

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