A Shot In The Arm

Jet and I stopped this morning (Friday) by the ABAC Hua Mak campus (where I taught last year) to pick up our final exams. Every time I have stopped by there this summer I have run into a good friend from my time spent there last year. This is somewhat unusual because there are thousands of students on campus at any time, of which I probably only know a handful, and the campus is pretty large. This visit was no exception as we bumped into Father Bipin – he calls these run-in’s “God-incidents” instead of coincidences. Father Bipin was on his way to getting a swine-flu shot, which just happened to be administered today only. Given the exceptional situation that we ran into him, I figured it was fate that we should join him. So Jet and I got swine-flu shots for about $8 a piece. Seeing the news about possible swine-flu projections in England this morning as it continues to spread was another factor in my eagerness to get the shot done. Funny that our arrival here in Thailand was marked by the swine-flu (its beginning) and is now marking our departure.

Last night we visited Jet’s cousin “Da” in Bangkok, which is the cousin we attended the wedding of last year at about the same time. We had a good time there and really liked their house, which they spent 5.5 million baht (about $157,000) on purchasing and remodeling. I only bring this up because the kitchen and bathrooms were remodeled to be very similar to the kind you would find back in the US – very rare in Thailand. Da’s husband Terry is from England, so we had a good chat about his time living in Thailand for nearly the past year.

Once we finish grading, we will be off to Phitsanulok for the next few days. Our plan is still to return to Bangkok on Tuesday to finish packing and getting all other last minute things completed before we head back home. Six more days!


7 Responses to “A Shot In The Arm”

  1. Janette Says:

    Happy 4th of July!!!
    Have a good last week in Thailand and we’ll see you soon!

  2. Kristin Says:

    Happy 4th of July. Just think next year you’ll be here for the fireworks celebration. We will have some ribs and chicken for you guys. We are going to the Greenfield parade today with dad (his “friend” is in it). Them grilling out and fireworks. THe weather is even supposed to be 80 today. Next week, the great circus parade. Boy I love summer in Wisconsin!
    See you soon. We’ll save a few festivles for you (ok I know I spelt festivles wrong, But I don’t know how to spell check a blog entry). Five more days!!

  3. Sandy Says:

    Happy 4th also! How did you guys get the flu shot before they let anyone here have it? Are you sure it is the real thing? Anyhow, depending on when you guys will be in town hopefully you can make some runs with Maggie and I. (She is my new running partner) Pretty much every weekend till August 15th we have runs schedualed. I start at Frodert on Monday the 6th. Orientation for three weeks and then I don’t know if I go to the 7/70 schedual or something else before that. I am nervous and excited. We are looking forward to seeing you guys. I have looked at a few houses in Mukwonago for you (on the internet) and There are some nice ones just older than what you were looking for. Enjoy your last days before the big trip back home.

  4. Kristin Says:

    Four more days

  5. Kristin Says:

    Three more days

  6. Linda and Donald Says:

    I’m very glad Andy and Jet have a big family in Wisconsin so excited about welcoming them home. I know you have really missed them living nearby, but I want you to know how much they will be missed here. Things are not the same when they are gone. They have been so instrumental in bringing our neighborhood together. It would not have happened without them being here. I hope you will see that they have grown as people a lot in the time they have spent in Alabama. I can see it. We love them very much!

  7. Kristin Says:

    Two more days

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