Back Safe And Sound

Just want to post a quick update – we are back in the US and are doing well.  The flight from Bangkok to Seoul seemed to be half-full, so there was plenty of room to relax and enjoy the 5 hour flight that left a little after midnight on Friday (in Thailand time).  Jet and Ben slept for most of the flight while I stayed up and watched the movie “17 again”, which to my surprise, I enjoyed.  We arrived on time in Seoul so we had a couple of hours to stretch out, or run around in Ben’s case, before the last long 13.5 hour flight home.  The flight from Seoul to Atlanta was mostly uneventful.  I watched several movies, my favorite being the Liam Neelson film “Taken”, which I found myself thinking many times, “Wow – that was so cool” to some line said or some scene.  There was a little more turbulence on this second flight than what I usually experienced on these flights, and there was a minute while passing over Iowa that was just dreadful as there were a series of rises and falls which gave you the sensation of weightlessness, but got lots of screams and shouts out from everyone.  That was not so pleasant.  Jet and Ben were able to sleep for the majority of the flight, and once again, Ben has proved to be a trooper when it comes to flying.  To my surprise, Ben only fell out of his chair onto the floor while sleeping once (he moves quite a bit when he sleeps and he did not like wearing the seat belt).  Ben actually enjoyed sleeping on the floor better than on the chair, but every time this happened, a flight attendant would tell us that this was not allowed and had to move Ben back to his chair.  I was able to get perhaps 1 hour total sleep on the whole trip home  that came from 3 short cat-naps.  In fact, since I awoke on Thursday at 4:00am (Thailand time) to start packing for our flight that night, that one hour of sleep has been the only sleep I have gotten.  That’s 48 hours awake to only 1 hour of sleep.  Sure I feel a bit tired, but am doing just fine and I am forcing myself to stay awake now so that I can recover from the jet-lag a little bit quicker.  Jet and Ben are both taking a nap right now, which is fine as those long flights can be quite exhausting.  The only other hick-up from the return home was in our arrival at the passport control in Atlanta.  We were some of the first from our flight to arrive there, and thus were at the beginning of the line.  After only the first handful of US citizen passengers were processed, there was a long wait until some potentially devastating news came out.  Apparently all of the computers were down and no one could be processed and sent on their way.  The immigration officers that were walking around relaying the news to us, commented that this problem had recently happened and people had to wait for over 3 hours to be sent on their way, and started handing out bottles of water.  Certainly not the news you wanted to hear after a long flight and being very anxious to get back home.  Fortunately for us, after about 30 minutes, they began to process only the US citizens waiting in line, and we were on our way.  Dan (our Wisconsin neighbor) was great once again in picking us up from the airport in Atlanta and bringing us back home, where we were greeted by Donald and Linda and a few other neighbors.  Our trip to Thailand was another great experience, perhaps one that we will enjoy again next year, but it does feel good to be back home.


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