We took off all day yesterday (Saturday) to go enjoy ourselves in Chattanooga, Tennessee.  The original plan was to drive up there with our German neighbors (Hans, Elke, Emma, Valentine), but for the past few days leading up to the weekend, the children have been sick.  Just as we were about to scrap our plans, perhaps to postpone them for a later weekend, Jet’s Thai friend (Pa’ Jill) informed us that she was heading to Chattanooga yesterday for her company outing.  The company outing was at Lake Winnepesaukah (“Lake Winnie”), which was a mid-size amusement park – similar in size to the park we visited in Bangkok.  The company provided free admission, an all-day pass on the rides, and tickets for free lunch with ice cream.  We arrived at 11:30am (Eastern time) and went from ride to ride to ride.  There were lots of rides that were age-appropriate for Ben, and he had a great time at all of them.  Well, Ben had a great time on all of the rides except for the last one where we asked the ride operator to let him off early because he was scared.  We also couldn’t get Ben to go on the big slide (similar to the one at the Wisconsin state fair) because he was too scared.  Here is a short video of Ben on some of the rides.  It was just a wonderful day outside as temperatures were in the low 80’s and it was partly cloudy.  I guess we have everyone in Milwaukee to thank for sharing their cooler weather with us.  Since it was such a great day out, the park was just packed with people.  Before we ate lunch (1:00pm Eastern time), we had our pick of ride for Ben to enjoy with little to no wait.  After we finished lunch, that was a completely different story.  To give one example, before lunch there was no wait to get on the train ride that circled the perimeter of the park.  After lunch, we (actually, it was “I”) had to wait for 4 trains to pass (about 45 minutes) to get on the train.  Needless to say, the day was more enjoyable before lunch than after lunch.  We left at about 4:30pm (Eastern time) and Ben immediately fell asleep in the car for most of the ride home.

The drive to Chattanooga took about 2.5 hours, which seemed like nothing after all of the 5 hour drives from Bangkok to Phitsanulok in Thailand.  We left at 7:45am (Central time), and on the way to Chattanooga, we passed by Noccalulu falls, but we didn’t see any water going over the falls when we drove by, so we decided not to stop.  We also passed through Fort Payne, Alabama, which was nearby Little Canyon Creek Park (the “Canyon”) and a place that we had never stopped to see before.  When we reached Fort Payne, we exited and visited the tourist information center there to find out more about the park, namely whether the water at the falls was as dried up as at Noccalulu falls.  The woman working there was a bit ambiguous on details, so we decided to continue onto the Canyon, which was about a 30 minute drive.  A little over a mile away, we passsed the Alabama fan club and Museum, so we decided to stop in and check it out.  The woman working at the gift shop there was just so nice to us and gave us all of the details about the Canyon that we wanted with directions.  She then pulled out a photo-copied, hand drawn map of the area and gave me directions to each of the Alabama band members homes if we wanted to stop by and see them on the way.  She was such a great person that she then let me take pictures and some short video clips of the gift shop and museum.   I wonder if Scott would be jealous of our visit there.  After enjoying our stop there, we decided to press on to Chattanooga since we decided that the Canyon might not be that much different than our previous visits to Noccolulu falls.  That extra time we saved was well worth it, as I described earlier from our visit to Lake Winnie.  When we arrived at Chattanooga, we stopped by the historic “Chattanooga Choo Choo” hotel to visit the trains, which Ben just loved.  We stayed for about 45 minutes before heading on to Lake Winnie.  Our only other planned stop for the day was to Lookout Mountain, Ruby Falls, and Rock City, but since we were exhausted after a full day at the park, we simply decided to head back home.

All in all, it was a wonderful day yesterday on the way to and in Chattanooga.  There is not much planned for our last few weeks in Alabama.  We may travel to Atlanta this coming weekend, but we do that all of the time.  The following weekend is the Woodstock 5K, so we’ll see how things shape up.  The weather will be perfect again today(thanks, Milwaukee!) so our plans are to have breakfast with Donald and Linda at the Cracker Barrel followed by a visit to Oxford lake.  Jet had wanted to pick blueberries today, but was told by a friend that recently did this in Anniston that there were a lot of bugs there that bit them.  I guess we’ll just have to wait to see what happens.  Here are some overdue pictures from the past few weeks, including pictures from the trip to Chattanooga yesterday.


2 Responses to “Chattanooga”

  1. Linda and Donald Says:

    I especially like the picture of Andy and Jet as the Flintstones!

  2. Stephanie Says:

    Scott and I say thank you for the clips of the museum. We did go to Ruby falls, lookout mountain, and rock city when we were there. Rock city was a dive, but the rest was awesome.
    Wow! Time is going fast. Scott will be in Ohio when you come back and we might be too, visiting him.
    It will be sooo nice to see you all in person again. Although, I have been enjoying seeing more than just pictures. The videos have been a great touch.
    Take care. Looking forward to seeing you. We’ll have to have you over for a cook out. Scott still grills the best burgers and chicken : )

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