Losing A Day In Alabama

What would you expect, there has been a change of plans for our arrival back in Wisconsin.  Dan, our Wisconsin neighbor that will be driving the moving truck to Wisconsin for us, called me yesterday and needed to change our plans for the move.  In sum, instead of leaving on Friday night/Saturday morning, we will be leaving on Thursday afternoon (around 4:00pm – 5:00pm).  That should put us only fighting rush hour traffic in Birmingham and having us arrive in Chicago on Friday morning at 4:00am – hopefully avoiding any problems there.

So what’s the big deal about leaving a day early?  For some reason, losing that day seems like a very big deal.  The benefit of arriving in Wisconsin 1 day earlier appears greatly outweighed by the cost of losing 1 more day with our friends in Alabama.  After all, what would our family and friends care about 1 extra day since we will be with them permanently after the move?  Perhaps losing that day in Alabama has finally started the final emotional good-bye to a place and people I have easily loved.  I cannot say that I have “grown” to love it here because I immediately felt at home when I arrived almost 3 years ago to the day.  If I were to guess, Jet only really began loving it down here as soon as she realized what we we gave up back in March.  It’s funny how things work like that.

Jet has spent a lot of quality time with Ben lately, including finally going out picking blueberries yesterday.  I guess it is past their season down here as Jet had a hard time picking a gallon of the berries.  The bond between Jet was very apparent yesterday as we left for our first dinner out since returning from Thailand, which is noteworthy since we ate out for every meal in Thailand.  Jet’s arms were full walking out the door (purse and other items) when Ben insisted that she carry him out (“umm”, which is Thai for “uppies”).  I ended up carrying Ben out, which really was not what he wanted.  For the entire car ride to Logan’s (about 5 minutes), Ben refused to look at me and just stared outside the car window with a sharp look of contempt in his face.  This is the first time that Ben has ever directed this kind of behavior towards me.  When we got out of the car, Ben began to calm as he allowed me to hold his hand while walking towards the door of the restaurant.  When we got inside, when Ben was greeted by a big jukebox, all you can eat peanuts and sweet bread (one of those things that we will miss back in Wisconsin), all appeared to be well again.

I will be heading out to Atlanta this morning to look at hotels and get their quotes for the SAIS conference next spring.  Other than that, the job search for my replacement has been heating up this past week, which is promising as there have been several good candidates that we have been looking at.  We lowered the price of our house to $187,900 in hopes that this will move the house much sooner.  We are taking a hit on the sale, but that is what we have to do in the current market and we really need to sell the house.  Things are not too hectic here, but I just got a feeling that we are about to hit a tipping point where everything will just be crazy for the next month.  Hopefully I am wrong.


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