One Week Left

Just one week left before we leave Alabama, and each of us are fighting some sort of ailment.  I came to school early on Tuesday morning and unexpectedly felt ill – having to make several trips to the bathroom and throwing-up numerous times before class began.  This was likely caused by some bad Wal-Mart fried chicken I had at lodge on Monday night.  Those of you that know me well, throwing-up is an unusual occurrence for me since in the past 20+ years, the only other time that I threw-up was right after I had gotten married in Thailand.  No, it wasn’t because of Jet.  Dad, Jet, her  sister, Jet’s mother, and I were sightseeing in Chiang Mai (July 2003) and had visited the famous temple there on top of a mountain.  To reach the very top, you could take a tram or the 1,000+ steps.  I presented a bet that I could not beat Jet’s sister running to the top of stairs (by Jet’s mom, I think), so foolishly I accepted.  Just a little background, this was only a few days into my first trip to Thailand and I did not think of the heat and humidity when I took the wager.  This was also when I weighed in roughly at a robust 210 lbs or so (give or take), compared to the 175 lbs I am now, that is a mountain of extra weight to carry.  One final detail, we had just stuffed ourselves with Pizza Hut pizza only minutes before we arrived at the temple.  I did win the challenge, but moments later when we entered the temple, I had to rush over to the side wall and throw-up on the mountain down below.  I am just about recovered now, but I have been getting tons of sleep these past two days.  Ben has also had a sore throat and cough/congestion for the past two days.  This was likely caused by him taking a big gulp of pool water on Tuesday and hopefully should clear up soon.  Finally, the worst of us three is Jet.  Since we have gotten back from Thailand, Jet’s allergies have gone through the roof.  They have been so bad that she has had hives break out on her legs and the itching has simply been painful for her.  She has seen doctors, tried all sorts of medicines and creams, but the current steroid cream that she is on seems to be doing some good.  Hopefully the allergies will ease up once we are back in Wisconsin.

Several of the neighbors are planning dinner together at “Top o’ The River” tonight, the best seafood in town.  I haven’t been eating much since Monday and I think my appetite has come back, so it should be a good time.  I was still hesitant to eat much of anything yesterday, so Linda surprised me by stopping by last night with a couple of baked potatoes, muffins, and baked apples – all things that wouldn’t give my stomach problems.  We will surely miss our neighbors, none more so than Donald and Linda.  Also looking ahead, tomorrow is an all-you-can-eat pasta dinner before the Woodstock 5K that I will be running on Saturday morning.  The way I have been feeling lately, let’s just hope that I can finish standing up!  Then later on Saturday, the neighbors will be having a pot-luck homemade ice-cream party, where everyone shows off their homemade ice-cream and samples on everyone else’s.  Delicious.

Other news that has happened is that Amber (Jet’s friend) had her baby girl “Addison” yesterday (6 pounds, 2 ounces, I believe).  I have also booked a place to store our stuff in Wisconsin until we can sell our house in Alabama.  The place we have chosen is in Mukwonago, called AB U storage, which hopefully will be something short-term.  We had a young couple (30’s) with a 1-year old look at our house on Monday, but no other developments or leads in selling our house since we have returned from Thailand.  Keep your fingers crossed!  Please!


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