Final Days

We are down to just our last few days in Alabama and they have been a real struggle as I have been trying to shake this stomach virus.  I decided not to run the Woodstock 5K at the last minute because I figured it would be best not to stress myself any further than necessary during our final days in Alabama – especially with a big move on the horizon.  What was a big shocker, though, was Jet asking on Thursday whether she should run the 5K with me.  I sat breathless for a few moments while I processed what she said and I think I even shed a tear or two.  There would have been nothing more that I would have enjoyed than having Jet and Ben doing the Woodstock with me – well, any 5K really.  Given my health, the potential for rain, and the awful course (lots of big hills – especially one right at the end … Sandy knows how much I love those), the Woodstock was not to be.  Now that Jet is at least thinking of running a 5K, maybe I can get Sandy, Maggie, and Stephie to help me convince her to run one in Milwaukee.  Here’s to wishful thinking.

I have my last classes at JSU on Monday and Tuesday, need to submit final grades, and then I will be picking up the 26′ u-haul truck.  Hopefully there will be a u-haul truck there to pick-up.  The plan is to load up everything that we have in our 10’x10′ storage space on Tuesday night, then bring the truck to the house to pack-away/load everything left in the house on Wednesday.  I should be able to take care of transferring the stuff from our storage space by myself, but will need to help of our neighbors (for a few minutes) to help carry our furniture to the truck on Wednesday.  I think the toughest part of the loading on the truck will be to separate out what needs to go right into storage in Mukwanago and what we need to survive for a few weeks/months in Milwaukee.  If that turns out to be our biggest problem, we will be lucky.  Hopefully we will have everything packed on Wednesday so that Thursday we can relax and rest-up for the long drive to Wisconsin.  We plan on leaving at around 4:00pm or so, which should put us in Mukwonago by around 8:00am if things go well.  Our Wisconsin neighbor, Dan, is helping us move by driving the truck with one of our cars in tow.  I think that we will be meeting up with his brother in Mukwonago, where we will unload the truck and then be on our way. 

On the approval of our real estate agent, we will be taking our washer and dryer with us to Milwaukee – unless we can sell them first in Alabama.  Is anyone interested, either in Alabama or in Wisconsin?  We bought the set at Lowe’s for around $750 (I believe) three years ago, but have gotten less than two years of use with all of the travel we have done.  Make an offer and their yours (see showroom pictures below)!

I am still not fully recovered from this stomach virus, so I didn’t eat much when we went out to dinner with Donald and Linda last night.  They already have Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas displays up there.  Maybe they always do and I just never notice them.  We then saw Adison, Amber’s new arrival.  While there, we noticed that Amber’s parents (there visiting) had purchased a movie for Olivia to watch, “The Blue Elephant“.  I was shocked!  This is “Khan Kluay“, the Thai animation movie that we bought for Ben and watched 100 times in Thailand.  We haven’t been able to watch the DVD we bought in the US yet because that DVD was formatted for the Asia region.  Watching the “American” version, however, did not have the same appeal as watching it in Thai.  Several scenes were cut, the Thai songs were cut out, and the story just seemed better when I guessed what the characters were saying.  Even worse, almost all of the reviews for the American version pan the movie as “glorifying” war.  Oh well.

Today is the homemade ice-cream gathering at Donald and Linda’s house, which should be a good time.  Dan invited us over to his house for some brats, which still sounds like an exotic meal to me.  I hope that feeling doesn’t rub off too quickly once we return back to Wisconsin.  Our German neighbors also offered to make homemade cream puffs for us.  With the Wisconsin state fair in a few more days, this should be a good treat during our final days in Alabama.


One Response to “Final Days”

  1. Janette Says:

    I still can’t believe you’ll be back by the end of the week!!
    Have a safe drive and plenty of stuff for Ben to do! See you soon!


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