It Was Almost Like A Song

but it’s much too sad to write.  Goodbyes are always tough.  The last week here in Alabama has really been no fun at all.  I guess that is just one way of knowingthat we have made some impact on others down here.  We already know how much these Southeners have meant to us.  Man, goodbyes are always tough.

I turned in my keys and my ID card to JSU today and got a chance to say goodbye to some very good friends.  A few at JSU had some very generous words that they shared with me about the impact I had during our three years down here.  I was just part of a great team, however, as there are many others here that make significant contributions without ever looking for recognition.  What a great environment to have been working in and I will look forward to visiting either during the upcoming SAIS conferences or race week.

Last night it was goodbye to the many friends I made at lodge over the past two years.  These are just a tremendous group of guys that was really a pleasure seeing every Monday night.  I should only be so fortunate to find another comparable lodge up in Wisconsin.

Sunday it was goodbye to some of the neighbors during a homemade ice-cream party that Linda and Donald hosted for us.  A few in the subdivision got together and gave us a very nice digital photo picture frame.  It was totally unexpected, but a great gift that we can use to display the pictures we have taken during the last few years here.  It will be even tougher these last two days as we will have to share our last goodbyes with our best friends.  Man, goodbyes are always tough.

I picked up our 26′ u-haul truck today and was very impressed.  I had a message on my phone this morning that the truck I was supposed to pick-up at a location in north Anniston had a problem where it’s engine light could not be turned off.  I started to worry.  The 24′ truck that I took on the drive down here three years ago was such a clunker that I vowed never to drive a truck again.  It was a very long drive when I arrived in Alabama as there were many hills that you had to climb on the way past Huntsville to Birmingham on I-65 and then just outside of Birmingham on I-20 towards Oxford.  I remember very well having to get a full head of steam as I approached hills and started to panic when I slowed down to 35 miles an hour barely reaching the tops.  I even remember rocking back and forth near the tops as if that would help the truck continue on.  I literally lost 5 pounds in sweat in those last hours of driving.  I was re-directed to a location in west Anniston and the truck we got has only 17,000 miles on it and it drives like my own car – very smooth with some good pick-up when you step on the gas.  Awesome.  Brandon (one of our Wisconsin neighbors) came with me and Donald to pick-up the truck and then stayed with me as we loaded it up with all of the items that we had in storage since April.  A few Thai friends joined us after two hours and helped us a great deal by helping us get the final boxes in the truck.  It has been in the mid-90’s this week and the heat had just about sapped the last bit of strength we had.  Hans (our German neighbor) came over for a little bit to help load a few items from the house in the truck.  We have about 90% of everything loaded up on the truck, which should be manageable to load with minimal help on Wednesday.

We have also had a rush of showings too, which has been keeping us positive.  The couple that looked at our house last week did put an offer on the house around the corner (nuts!), but we had another couple look at our house on Monday, one look today at 5:00pm, and another showing scheduled tomorrow for 11:00am.  With all of this traffic, hopefully something will happen.  It only takes one.


One Response to “It Was Almost Like A Song”

  1. Sarah Says:

    We miss ya’ll already! We returned to Oxford last night from Port Arthur TX.(a 12 hour drive). Our trip went well.Danny’s aunt was feeling better after having 3 units of blood. I hope your move went well and that everyone is not too home sick. Tell Jet and Ben hello from Na-Na and Paw.We love you and enjoy reading the blog.

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