It has been a fast few days during our first days back in Wisconsin.  The drive up to Wisconsin took 15 hours (we left Oxford at 5:00pm and arrived in Mukwonago at 8:00am) and was completely exhausting.  Dan and Brandon were amazing in not showing any exhaustion from driving the u-Haul truck with my car in tow, even more so when they helped unload the truck into storage.  Maggie showed up with Dan’s brother and friend who were just awesome in unloading the rest of the truck.  After a few minutes getting things started, I ended up on the sidelines as I was on the verge of collapsing.  By 11:00am, we were finished and Dan and I returned the u-Haul truck and transport trailer to a u-Haul location in West Allis.  I went back to my Dad’s house and slept for 3 hours and was very appreciative of all the wonderful help we received during our move.

When I got back to Dad’s house, he was just leaving with Jet and Ben to the Wisconsin State Fair, where they stayed and enjoyed themselves until the rain came falling down.  The rain was on-and-off for the next few days and on Sunday we began our house search.  We began looking in Mukwonago, which seemed like the logical choice before we returned to Wisconsin because it is situated about halfway between Whitewater and downtown Milwaukee, and is in close proximity (under 30 minutes) from my Dad and sisters in Milwaukee.  From our brief stop, we liked what we saw, but we are still thinking about what the budget should be for our house.  Before returning back to Milwaukee, we stopped by the Elegant Farmer to pick up a couple of apple pies to go with the Alabama BBQ we had and shared with our family for dinner that night.  The weather was forecasted to be in the 90’s that day (Sunday), but coming from daily 90-degree weather in Alabama, the 90-degree day was very different in Wisconsin.  It was very windy out (the only time it seemed we got wind in Alabama was when a tornado was coming through) and was very cloudy – as if it were going to storm at any time.  It eventually did storm out in the afternoon, setting off a few severe thunderstorm warnings/watches and flash flood watches.  It was a little funny seeing some of the family getting worked up about the approaching weather, which seemed like nothing to me.  I am sure when the first few snowfalls pass through this winter, the roles will be reversed.

We spent the day yesterday (Monday) traveling out to Whitewater to check out my new office and I was grateful to meet a few new co-workers while there.  It took about 70 minutes to arrive on campus there from Dad’s house, which took a little longer due to the road construction in the area.  Our original plan for the day was to head back to New Berlin to continue looking at houses, but we decided to take the other way around town (away from the construction) towards Watertown where my other sisters live – just to see how that drive was.  We were stuck behind a truck for a good part of the drive, which made the ride seem longer than it actually was when we finally reached I-94 at Johnson’s Creek.  We were glad that we did take the route, however, simply to see how far of a drive it actually was as we were also considering moving in that area as well.  Although it would be nice being closer to Watertown and our sisters there, right now Mukwonago seems like the best option for us.  It would be funny if we actually did get a house in Mukwonago, however, as it would be a similar situation to our house search in Alabama.  Before arriving in Alabama, we searched online and figured that Oxford would be the best place for us – and it was!  Could Mukwonago be a similar situation? 

We arrived at my Kristin’s house in Milwaukee early in the afternoon to take a rest and eat some lunch, but found ourselves consumed with a search for a kitten for the next few hours.  For the second straight day, Ben did not take an afternoon nap – which I am sure he loved.  And after 4 hours of searching for the cat, both inside and outside the house, it was Ben that called me over to Kristin’s kitchen shouting “Daddy! Daddy! Meaw! Meaw!” and indeed, the kitten was there.  Whew.  I grabbed the kitten and rushed outside to show Kristin and Bryon before returning to the house only seconds later to find Ben crying.  Just before Ben found the kitten, he was consumed with Kristin’s other cat, Badger, who is not always kid-friendly.  I warned Ben – “Meaw Got” (Cat bites) and told him to stay away.  The moment I left the house, Ben cornered Badger and tried to pet him.  Badger then bit Ben in the arm.  I hope Ben will remember that and not try to pet Badger next time.

The week ahead will continue to be busy and will likely rush by just as fast.  I plan on spending more time at UW-Whitewater to continue preparing for the upcoming semester, but with a 1 hour+ drive each way, I will try to find as much work as I can complete from Dad’s house.  On Saturday morning, I am planning to do a 5K at the Irish Fest with Kristin, Sandy, and Maggie.  There is an Aussie rules match against the Minnesota Freeze just afterwards, which will be my first match back with the Milwaukee Bombers and actually my first footy match of the year.  I guess things have been so busy this year for us that footy has taken a back seat to it all.  Perhaps running a 5K before the match is not the best course of action, but I don’t think I ever had a chance to do a run with 3 sisters before, so I just can’t pass this opportunity up.


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