Cold Again

Although we have had some cool weather since I have been back to Wisconsin, this has really been the first week that is has been cold.  It began on Monday with very strong winds and rain and lasted through the week with temperatures in the 30’s in the mornings and only reaching the 50’s for highs.  During these times I miss those Alabama autumns.  I am sure once the leaves start to fall around here that the brisk weather won’t seem so bad.  And speaking of colds, I think I have a slight one that hasn’t really gotten me down, but you never know what it will bring tomorrow.  I just have a scratchy throat with some very minor congestion.

We enjoyed ourselves at the Breast Cancer run last week Sunday and I ran stride for stride with Kristin, which was a lot of fun.  What was a little annoying was that they had the walkers start before the runners so that the actual run was about 1 hour behind the original starting time.  We attended Harvest Fair afterwards (see pictures below) which was also a blast with Ben – especially playing in the hay.  We left just as the heavens opened and it began to pour outside.

As for the pace of things, well, they are still very busy for both Jet and I.  Jet has already been asked to put in another 8 hours of mandatory overtime next week.  The presentation at the Dells on Thursday went well and luckily Dad watched Ben for the day.  I say luckily because it would have been a tough day having to drive to UW-Whitewater along with driving to the Dells.  Ben had some rough times on the road with me this week – he got carsick on the way home Monday and almost did again on Wednesday morning on the way to school.  I just wonder if having the heat on in the car has been bad for Ben or whether all of the hills on the back roads I take to work have begun to take its toll.  Hopefully this is something I can eliminate by driving a little slower over those hills.  We’ll see.

Tomorrow we will be meeting Jet’s host family and the new family with the adopted Thai boy at the Thai temple.  Jet and I may go out to eat in the afternoon.  Our plan was to do that today, but Kristin was so very kind to make a lasagna dinner for us.  This coming weekend is the National tournament for Aussie Rules down in Ohio.  Unfortunately that has been one of the things I have had to sacrifice (along with working out in general and the masons among other items) since we have been so busy.  You have to make a sacrifice for the things you value, which are family and work.  Besides, it won’t always be this busy, right?


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