Media Man

I guess it is kind of funny the way things work sometimes.  On Wednesday, I was interviewed by the UWW newspaper (the Royal Purple) about a “virtual” team project that my project management students are working on this semester; my student teams are paired with teams from universities around the world to complete a team project.  During that interview, I made mention of my fantasy football experiment in my introduction to information systems class, to which I got an e-mail about yesterday (Friday) that they would like to do another story on that.  In my Website development class on Thursday, a campus video camera stopped by to film me teaching, which I suspect is part of a news bit being put together about the facilities at the new business building.  Then yesterday (Friday) afternoon, I got a phone call from a reporter from the Journal-Sentinal wanting to interview me about the presentation I gave last week in the Wisconsin Dells.  As it turned out, he is a reporter for their business section, was doing a story about a northern Wisconsin woman that was using search engine optimization (SEO, or the topic of my presentation last week), and wanted to know if I thought SEO for small businesses was a viable strategy.  All of this hopeful will result in some good press for our department – we need more IT majors!

Things got a bit colder this week.  It was in the upper 30’s to low 40’s every morning with highs only in the 50’s.  And finally this morning we had frost everywhere at it was only 30 degrees out.  It was bound to happen sooner or later.  And now there is a chance for snow in the next couple days.  It was bound to happen sooner or later.  I don’t really mind the temperatures or the snow (yet), but starting the cars and warming them up in the morning.  I really feel pampered after not having to deal with that for the past 3 years.

We got our first offer on our house this year, but it was $40,000 less than what we were asking.  We are willing to come down a couple thousand on the price, but not that much.  Hopefully something else will come up.  Our 6 month contract with our real estate agent is almost here, so we are hoping that some friends back in Alabama might be willing to buy our house – passing all of the savings from no real estate agent fees onto the selling price.  We just want our house sold and we have already accepted the fact that we will be doing it at a loss.

Something that I have not mentioned in my posts in the past few weeks is that Ben no longer has Buddy – his stuffed teddy bear.  About 3 weeks ago we lost Buddy, so instead of turning the house upside down, we decided it was a good time to ween Ben off his favorite companion.  Ben took it in stride as we explained that Buddy went to see his aunt (P’Pook) and grandma (Yai) in Thailand.  Every so often Ben will ask where Buddy is (only about 5 times), but every so often he will also ask when I am driving to school if I could drive to Thailand instead.  Ben became attached to a blanket as a substitute for Buddy during those first two weeks, but for the last week he has not needed anything to comfort him.  Leaving Buddy behind has gone about as smooth as breaking Ben from his pacifier.  Jet did find Buddy after a day or two of searching, but we have stayed firm in keeping Buddy hidden – who has been at his side for the past 2 years.  We have done a little more work on potty training Ben this past week and have had some success.  Hopefully this will be something that will be as easy as the transition from Buddy.


2 Responses to “Media Man”

  1. Linda and Donald Says:

    It was so cute to hear Ben saying “Roll Tide” this afternoon when you called. Glad you are still letting him be an Alabama baby! Once you are in Alabama for a while, you just can’t ever completely let it go. I am a Georgia native, but Alabama has been home for a long time now.

  2. Janette Says:

    Nice Buddy story! Have Jet put him away with baby memory things to keep! Now you just have to watch out for when you do go to Thailand next time! Although I have a feeling he won’t even remember by that time. Will be interesting to see…
    Weatherwise, if you do ever get stuck in some nasty stuff while you’re at school, you are very welcome to stay with us overnight! We do have plenty of room and Abby would love Ben’s company! We bought Abby a full sized bed for the purpose of doubling as a guest bed and it’s very comfortable.
    Have a great time at the Pumpkin Patch today…I want to see pictures!

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