Sweetest Day

We celebrated “Sweetest Day” yesterday – a holiday like Valentine’s Day, but apparently is only celebrated in the Midwest.  I remember my first year living in Alabama trying to find something – anything to get Jet for the holiday, and had a lot of strange looks from people when I asked store clerks for ideas for the holiday.  The best response I heard from someone about the “manufactured” holiday down in Alabama was from Danny, who responded that he thought having more days to show that you care about someone was not a bad idea.  So for this holiday, I took Ben with me to a local flower shop and had him pick out flowers to give Jet.  Ben loves the color yellow, so it was no surprise that he picked out a bunch of yellow flowers set in a smiley-face coffee mug.  We then surprised Jet with the flowers at her work, which we could tell she enjoyed.  Jet had to work for a good part of the day yesterday, so to finish celebrating the holiday, we visited Maggiano’s for dinner.  Jet knows that I don’t like eating there, so that was truly dinner for her.  It was a very good holiday for both of us, however.

I took Dad and Ben out to Fleet Farm yesterday for the opening of “Toyland”, the big Christmas opening held every year.  I remembered seeing commercials and other advertisements for this event every year, but I never went there for it, so I didn’t know what to expect.  We received a catalog in the mail last week for it, which Ben just loved paging through as if it were a storybook, pointing out all of the toys that he wanted.  To tell you the truth, “toyland” was nothing out-of-the ordinary as the store just had their Christmas stuff out on display.  The day there was anything but ordinary as it was hard to find a parking spot and even harder to walk through some of the toy aisles in the store with all of the people around.  The trip was well worth it, though, as every 5-10 seconds there would be another gasp from Ben with a “wow” after seeing another wall of farm toys, tractors, or animals on display.  We didn’t buy anything at Fleet Farm, but we didn’t plan on buying anything.  We did stop by and pick up another pumpkin from a roadside trailer on the way home.  Ben picked out a huge pumpkin (only $3) for “Pa Pa”.  Ben is so proud of his pumpkins.

The weather has just been poor around here for the past two weeks.  I can’t really say it was bad, because I know that it will get much, much worse in the coming months.  At least the forecast is for temperatures in the 50’s for much of the coming week.  The days are getting much shorter too as the sun doesn’t come up until we have almost reached Whitewater in the morning, or at around 7:15am in the morning.  We are still two weeks away from Halloween, so these changes are a little hard to believe.  We did take some pictures of Ben at the mall yesterday in his costume.  We’ll just see how cool it gets when he goes trick-or-treating this year compared to last.


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