Give It A Day

So Ben was sick with a fever (102.5) through Tuesday – not sure what that was or where it came from, but we are glad that it is gone.  Ben stayed home on Tuesday and Dad watched him through the day.  It is such a luxury to have him around to do this now that both Jet and I are working full-time.

We had a reprieve from the miserable weather yesterday (Wednesday).  I stepped out during the lunch hour to go play basketball with other faculty (the same group of guys play basketball Monday-Friday during lunch) and was pleasantly surprised to feel warmth in the air.  At the risk of sounding trite, it felt like I was back in Alabama.  At that moment I wished I had my iPod shuffle with me so that I could go running instead.  That was a good feeling.  Thinking about cold days in Alabama, I don’t ever recall the weather reminding me of Wisconsin, that is, a crisp, cold, and fresh, biting air.  Surely those cold days in Alabama (when it would actually get below 30 degrees!) didn’t prompt me to go out running.

At the start of my class that afternoon, a student asked if we could have class outside instead.  I am not sure how I would be able to podcast a class outside, but it was a nice thought.  As a compromise, I ended class about 10 minutes early under the condition that the students would all go outside and spend that class time outside walking around.  Everyone was pretty happy about this, but I don’t think many (if any) actually did go outside directly after my class.

And as the old saying goes, if you don’t like the weather, give it a day, it will change.  Today the weather is just plain miserable.  Raining.  Cold.  Wet.  Someone in the hallway today complained about the poor weather we were having.  I responded that we have miserable days like this so that we can better appreciate the nice days (like yesterday) we have.  If I could only always have a positive spin on things.


One Response to “Give It A Day”

  1. Linda and Donald Says:

    I hate to tell you, but today (Friday) the temp outside is 79. Tomorrow we will pay, it will be in the 50’s (good football temp). We didn’t get as much rain as predicted, just heat. Sorry Andy and Jet. Glad Ben is following his ususal routine of getting finished with the fever quickly. I know you really appreciate having Bob for help and I’m sure he loves having Ben around.

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