It All Evens Out

After a tough start to the week (Ben sick, pulled over by the police), things have taken a dramatic 180 degree turn.  Ben got over the fever on Wednesday, which was the same day that I received word that another paper of mine was accepted for publication in a journal (my second within a month).  I then got word on Friday that I was elected to the faculty senate at UW-Whitewater, something that was very unexpected because it is only my first semester at UWW.  And to top things off, the result of what was video recorded in my class two weeks ago was used for the grand opening of Hyland Hall on Friday.  Although there are only a few short clips with my students and me in it, somehow I am featured (briefly) at the start of the video.  A picture from the video is included below while the entire video can be viewed here.  I guess it all does even out.

Things have still been busy around here.  Jet is still working overtime during the week, but it is no longer mandatory for her to come in on weekends, which is good.  Ben, Dad, and I met up with Kristin and the boys for a fish fry at a Masonic lodge in Brookfield last night.  The fish was good (not outstanding, but Kristin and Dad I am sure would beg to differ) and the potato salad was excellent – the closest I have ever tried to the kind Dad makes.  Trick-or-treating is this weekend, but with the rain and cold weather, we will see how this all turns out.  I have a bit of work to catch-up on at school, so things will continue to be busy for the forseeable future.

Just to update about our house in Alabama – it still hasn’t sold.  It has been six months since we went with the top agent in Oxford, but that didn’t seem to help.  We ended our contract with the agent this week and are now trying to sell the house on our own.  Hopefully by reducing the price (from the savings of no real-estate agent fees) will be enough to finally sell the house.  Here is our flyer and our posting on Craigslist.  Please pass this on to anyone that might be interested in getting a house in Oxford, Alabama!

Dr. Andrew P. Ciganek

Dr. Andrew P. Ciganek


2 Responses to “It All Evens Out”

  1. Linda and Donald Says:

    Looks like you have a nice working environment. I love windows. Is the video showing where you actually teach your classes? Enjoy. We hope everything goes well with the Alabama house sale. I know you need to get settled in your own place there.

  2. Stephanie Says:

    So did you sell it on your own, or with the agent?

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