House Sold?

Well, our last post mentioned how we had left our real estate agent after 6 months and planned to sell the house ourselves.  Our agent picked up her sign earlier in the week and Donald and Linda put a “for sale by owner” sign out with flyers shortly after.  Jet called me on Saturday morning letting me know that our agent called us back.  The couple that put the earlier offer on our house (the only couple that did) put in a much better offer.  We countered.  They accepted our counter on Saturday evening.  If it all does come through, we would be taking roughly a $15-20,000 loss on the house.  The relief in having the house sold?  Priceless.  Hopefully everything pans outs.

With that bit of big news, there were a few other “fall” things that we did this weekend.  Kristin, Ty, and Sam came over on Saturday night and we went trick-or-treating in my Dad’s neighborhood.  The city of Milwaukee officially has trick-or-treating next week Saturday (on Halloween), so I am not sure if this neighborhood will have to do trick-or-treating twice.  On Sunday morning I raked leaves at Dad’s house, only to come home in the evening newly littered with another coat of leaves.  We watched the Packer game at Kristin’s and at halftime, Kristin and I went out to cut wood.  Kristin was at it cutting with the chain saw while I took the ax.  I split about two logs and took a quick break inside.  That quick break became a long break as I fell asleep.  When I came back outside, Kristin was tearing up the rest of the wood with the ax, putting me to great shame.  I played football outside with Josh and Ty for a little while after until Ty was run into and got a big knot on his cheek.  Then Jet carved pumpkins with Ben and Sam.  It really was a full weekend of “fall” stuff.

The article that I was interviewed for by the Journal Sentinel appeared in Sunday’s paper.  Kristin complained that I wasn’t on the front page of the paper.  I wondered why my 30 minute conversation resulted in a one sentence statement in the article.  Everyone wondered why I was called “Andrew P. Ciganek” instead of “Dr. Andrew Ciganek” or something else.  Oh well, my 3 seconds of fame appear to be about tapped out.


3 Responses to “House Sold?”

  1. Linda and Donald Says:

    Andy, it sounds like you still have that habit of waking up too early and needing naps during the day. The sale of your house comes with happiness mixed with the knowledge that your move is final. The new neighbor will never be able to fill you place in the community. I saw Amber at Walmart today. They are now in the same position of limbo that you all have been. We pray everything falls into place for them.

  2. Kristin Says:

    Sam and Ty thank Ben for the cold. If you come over tonight with dad maybe Ty can give it back to him. As for the chopping of wood, I was truly suprised. You stay in shape, play Aussie footyball, wear a tight shirt, and your older sister who has three childern puts you to shame. I have seen it all now.

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