Media Hound

It just keeps coming!  The story I was interviewed for a few weeks back regarding the ‘virtual team’ project I am having my students participate in was released today on the UWW media page.  A few hours later I got a request to give an interview about this to WCLO, a local radio station in Janesville.  The interview was over the phone and short (10 minutes), which was nice because I did it in the spare 15 minutes I had between classes today.  The reporter said that he would cut down and produce the report, which is good because I am sure that I spoke a mile-a-minute.  I don’t know if I can ever listen to WCLO because I never pass that way, but I hope they do put that interview on their Website so I can hear it.

I have volunteered to help with a technology camp tomorrow called Cyber Girlz, which will be held in downtown Milwaukee (at Northwestern Mutual) and is something that I am really looking forward to.  Maybe I will get lucky and have a chance to have lunch with Jet tomorrow since the Chase building downtown is just a few blocks away.  Kristin has graciously volunteered to watch Ben for the day while I am away, and if the weather cooperates, Ben will join his cousins in decorating for Halloween.  With weather in Wisconsin, that is no sure thing. 

Things have been relatively quiet all week, which is good.  I’d like to say things are easier and stress-free because our house is ‘almost’ sold, but you get rid of one stress, and two more pop up. It has been a good month or so since we looked at houses, but that will pick up again this weekend as we will be looking at homes in the Mukwonago area.  Hopefully we can find something that we both like so that bit of stress can go away.  Stress has shown up in many ways too.  One thing that I am not proud of is that I have now gained 20 pounds since moving back to Wisconsin.  20 pounds!  In 3 months!  I have no idea where our iPod shuffle is that I loved to listen to while running, so I just went online and bought a new one yesterday to give me some ‘extra’ motivation to start running again.  Since it is getting a little too cold to go running outside, I plan to use the indoor track a lot at UWW over the next few weeks.  This weight gain has got to stop now!


3 Responses to “Media Hound”

  1. Kyle Says:

    HA! I work at WCLO (the radio station in the same building as the Janesville Gazette). You won’t pick it up very far past Whitewater 🙂

  2. sweethomealabama Says:

    Wow Kyle! Great. Maybe you can let me know if the interview is put online. I spoke with Steve from WCLO.

  3. Linda and Donald Says:

    Twenty pounds?!!! I guess that Milwaukee cooking is a lot better than our southern cooking! Don’t try to blame it on the missing iPod. Nobody will believe that. You always did look forward to Dad’s specialities and you always talked about the bakeries there. I’m glad you are happy enough to eat and enjoy!

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