Little Bear

The house search begins anew again today, this time without the worries of possibly having two house payments to manage.  We are scheduled to see 10 houses today, from New Berlin, to Vernon, to Mukwonago, and possibly even Eagle.  I hope we don’t exhausted too soon.  Dad has volunteered again to watch Ben while we are away after having done the same yesterday. 

I was a little nervous leaving Ben yesterday because Dad had just turned on Sesame Street for him and went back to bed.  What trouble could Ben get into without any supervision!  At that moment I remembered the little scare I had watching Ben the night before while Jet and Dad were out grocery shopping.  Ben and I were watching Game 1 of the World Series when he started getting a little rambunctious, as he often has a tendency to do.  Ben was rolling around next to me on Dad’s couch when he fell off backwards, hitting the back left side of his head on the square corner of Dad’s coffee table on the way down.  After a second or two of shock, Ben began to cry.  Only a few seconds later, blood began to spill profusely from the spot on his head where he struck the table.  Lucky there was a small towel nearby that I could grab to control the bleeding.  After it was all said and done, Ben had a big lump on his head and what only appeared to be a decent scratch – nothing requiring stitches.  Kristin informed me that minor head cuts often produce a lot of blood, so that appeared to be the case this time.  Yeah, how could Dad do any worse than me!

Today is the official day for trick-or-treating in Milwaukee, though I don’t know if Ben will take part.  The weather has taken a turn for the worse in the past day (windy, colder) and Kristin’s kids have all been recently sick – Josh the latest and perhaps has yet to fully recover.  Trick-or-treat takes place from 1:00 – 4:00pm, so we may either be still looking at houses (hopefully not) or Ben may be down for a nap (more likely).  So Ben has all of that working against him trick-or-treating today.  At least he was able to get out and do it last weekend, though Ben has asked to go trick-or-treating again a few times on the way to school during the week.  Who knows – if a lot of trick-or-treaters come to the door of Dad’s house today, perhaps that will keep Ben awake and anxious to get out there as well.  We will see.  Last night as we were going to bed, I told Ben for the first time “night night little bear”, and without any hesitation, Ben responded “night night big bear”, then promptly rolled over to his side and fell asleep.  That was a moment that will stick with me for a long time.


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