What Time Is It?

Things have been about as hectic and stressful as you could imagine this past week, from finalizing the sale of our house in Alabama to working on buying a house up here in Wisconsin.  That is why the coming holidays have been a blessing of sorts to our sanity.  With the playing of Christmas songs on the radio to the CD of Christmas songs that Ben loves hearing over and over in the morning, the mood does get a bit lighter.  Ben will request his favorite songs “Too much” (Snow Miser, sung by Big Bad Voodoo Daddy), “Christmas Time” (Santa Claus Is Coming To Town, sung by Bruce Springsteen), and “White Christmas” (sung by the Drifters), among other favorites.  The best part is when Ben tries to sing along.  Priceless.  Another benefit of this time of year is all of the “holiday” (note, not Christmas) celebrations here in Milwaukee.  On Thursday evening, we took Dad and Joanne out to dinner at a Thai restaurant in downtown Milwaukee, then walked to the next block for free hot chocolate and cookies for the lighting of the “holiday” tree and other “holiday” light displays with a fireworks show.  Ben was a little under the weather from a slight case of car sickness from the drive from Whitewater, so he was both excited by the event and freaking out.  He was both loving the fireworks but scared of them.  Loving the police horses, but didn’t want to get too close to them.  This morning we traveled back to downtown Milwaukee for the “holiday” parade, which Ben was able to enjoy much more than Thursday evening.  Though he loved seeing Santa at the end, he said his favorite part was the “band”, that is, the multitude of student bands that passed through – all playing Christmas toons.  So in the midst of all of this stress, it is the holidays that are putting things back into perspective.


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