Closing Time

With all of the hassle and frustration that we have gone through since we made the decision to return to Wisconsin, the final chapter of the transition has finally arrived.  Our closing is set for Wednesday at 9:00am with a final walk through of the house early that morning.  We have our carpets being cleaned that afternoon with the big move of transferring all of our stuff from storage taking place on Sunday morning.  Jet and I will surely take one big sigh of relief after the move is finally complete.

It was an interesting week as we had our first classes closed due to weather (Wednesday brought Whitewater 10″ of snow while Milwaukee had about 5″ of slush).  Ben and I took full advantage of the day off by shoveling snow and making a snowman.  We had very cold weather follow the snow as the temperature was -4 degrees out at 8:00am in Whitewater on Thursday, getting up to 3 degrees at 4:00pm on our way home.  Though the temperatures did reach the 30’s again by the weekend, it was still cold enough to keep our snowman around.  Ben is so proud of the snowman and enjoys passing him by every day.

Jet and I spent a good bit of time over the past week looking at furniture at all of the major outlets in Milwaukee.  We still haven’t bought anything because we are still waiting to see what we buy from the sellers of the house we just bought.  We took a break from all of this bustle last night and visited candy cane lane.  We went last year as well, but there was several feet of snow on the ground then and it was much colder.  I also don’t think Ben remembered that visit as well.  Regardless, Ben enjoyed all of the lights and it was a fun way to wind down the week.


2 Responses to “Closing Time”

  1. Linda and Donald Says:

    Hope everything goes great with the closing. We can’t wait to see pictures of your new place. Give Ben a hug for us. Love you all.

  2. Kristin Says:

    I can’t wait to finally see the house. Moving should go quick with all the hands. We went to candy cane lane last night with maggie and Adam. The kids enjoyed it and we watched Polar Express on the way to get everyone in the spirit. Talk to you soon.

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