Double Whammy

We closed on the house on Wednesday morning at 9:00am as scheduled.  Before the closing, we did the final walk-through at the house and were disappointed to find out that the owners were not completely moved out yet.  Even worse, the house was dirty.  We focused on the closing and our agent worked out the deal that the owners would have to pay us $100 in rent for every day extra they were not moved out.  Since we could not go back to the house, Jet and I went furniture shopping and picked up a kitchen table and an entertainment center – the last two items of furniture that we needed in the house.  It was funny because we had been looking for a kitchen table for a few weeks and didn’t expect to buy one at the store we visited.  We were planning on stopping by this furniture store (American) only because it was adjacent to the furniture store that we planned on buying a table from (Stienhoffels).  We had even visited this same American store the week before and were not impressed with anything they had.  We walked into the store, and within 10 minutes we were buying a table.  Even crazier was that both felt a strange sense of relief buying this table – as if a huge weight was lifted off of our shoulders.  Thinking back on it now, that was likely the point were both Jet and I understood that we reached the end of the closing process on the house.  It was an awesome feeling.

I stopped back at the house the following day (Thursday) to see if they had moved everything out, and to my surprise, everything was moved out and the house had been swept and vacuumed.  What a relief.  I had a full cord of wood dropped off at noon and someone to come clean the carpets who specialized in getting rid of cat dander – something that affects both Jet and Dad.  I was able to get a couple of hours of cleaning in and spent a few more stacking wood, but was very excited about the house.  Coming to the house on Thursday, it looked so much better than the four times we visited the house before.  Perhaps it was because the house was now empty.  Perhaps it was because it was the first time I visited it that we owned it.

I arrived early at the house on Friday to do several more hours of cleaning.  I was surprised that it took me nearly 3 hours alone to clean the master bathroom.  Jet arrived with Ben and Dad late morning.  What should have been an exciting time for the family had a slight damper on it as Ben had come down with his usual fever and just wanted to sleep when he got to the house.  About 30 minutes later, Dad was huffing and wheezing from the cat dander in the house.  Talk about a double-whammy.  Dad left shortly after, but we spent a few hours at the house unpacking the few things we brought along with us.  When Ben woke up and was feeling better, Jet took him sledding in the backyard for the first time and they had a blast.  We also met our next-door neighbors (Drew and Shelly) and they invited us to their New Years Eve party.  They were very nice and friendly and informed us that several in the neighborhood like to get together for parties all the time.  Perhaps this was the right neighborhood to move into after all.

On Wednesday evening, we visited Ben’s daycare (‘school’) for his first all-school performance, followed by a pot-luck dinner.  There are three groups of students at Ben’s daycare, “little hands” (2 year olds, which Ben is in), “little feet” (3 year olds), and “little hearts” (4K).  Each group had two songs that they picked out to sing that they learned in class (e.g., “the itsy bitsy spider”, “this old man”, etc.) that all of the children sang together.  Then all of the students finished with a rousing performance of “We wish you a Happy Holidays” (sans “Merry Christmas”).  They all had a blast and it was fun watching them all.  At the pot-luck, we just brought a pecan kringle from Pick-n-save because we didn’t have a house yet to make anything.  That will change for the next pot-luck.

While at UW-Whitewater, we had a chance to meet with Ben’s lead instructor.  It was the first time that Jet had visited the UW-Whitewater children’s center and his instructors.  We found out that Ben does not get overly emotionally in class, that he is slowly getting used to potty training, and that he likes to sit back and listen during story-time and doesn’t get that involved.  What was interesting to hear, and what has made Jet very proud, is that the instructor told us that Ben is “very much a leader” when it comes to doing things in class.  They have all sorts of things to play with in his room, and where Ben goes, everyone else in the class follows.  Just like his mommy, I guess.

I visited Ben’s classroom on Thursday and gave out Oplatky to all of the children (about 9) and instructors (about 4)there.  When I handed the Oplatky out, some of the children grabbed it a little too hard and broke it when handling it and got very upset.  Even though I tried to explain that it was alright because they would be breaking it in a minute, I had to give them a new one just to calm them down.  I then had one plate of honey where the children could dip their Oplatky, which they enjoyed doing.  Even though I explained to them that they should break off pieces and share them with others, no one did this.  At the end, I gave Ben one extra sheet of Oplatky and asked him to break off pieces and share them with all of this classmates.  I was very proud because Ben did this without me having to ask twice, though for every piece he handed out, he took an equally sized piece for himself.  What was most fun about the surprise visit to the class (I guess I was the first parent to do this so far this year), was that when I arrived, Ben did not notice me in the classroom.  So for about 5 minutes I got to watch him play nice with his friends and put away all of the toys when it was time for the “special guest”.

This morning I have the UWW graduation ceremony to attend, then I will meet up with Jet at the house to do some more unpacking and moving.  We also have the kitchen table and entertainment center being delivered.  Tomorrow we have everyone coming over to help finish off the move.  I have rented a 17′ U-Haul trailer, so we should be able to get the move done in one quick trip.  We’ll just have to wait and see how that goes.


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  1. lou Says:

    I think my favorite picture is the one of Ben with his eyes closed. Too cute! The picture of dad and Joanne is cute too.

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