Now reaching the end of April, and oh how much has changed in that year.  One year ago I had just finished running the Nashville Marathon, now I am lucky to find the time (or weather) to get a run in.  One year ago we were getting ready to leave for a few months in Thailand.  We will be there again in another month (June 3 – July 4), but the situation politically is much different.  From the reports I have heard, the shopping district where we stayed last year has been taken over by protesters and classes have been moved to the Hua Mak graduate campus, which is where I taught two years ago.  Who knows what will happen in the coming weeks, but I do hope everything is resolved.  One year ago we started packing things into storage to prepare for our move back to Wisconsin.  Now I am wrapping up my first academic year at UW-Whitewater and we are settled into our new home in Mukwonago.  It really can be stunning to think of the differences from one year to the next (or one day to the next for that matter), no matter how insignificant those changes may seem to be, and wonder what will happen next.


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