This is a time of transition and change as my first full academic year has come to an end.  I am watching Ben full-time now that his spring day-care has ended, and believe me, watching him is a ‘full-time’ job.  Every day this week we have played with trains and blocks building things in the basement since we have not figured out how to cool our house yet.  With the heat wave that we have had, our only breaks have been trips to the Pick ‘n Save and Wal-Mart for some air conditioning.  Taking walks in the evening has reminded us of our time down in Alabama, but getting relief from the heat by going to the store is something commonly done in Thailand.  One week from today we will be back on a flight to Thailand and all sorts of busyness will return.  We expect to arrive in Bangkok sometime very early (just after midnight) on Saturday morning (June 5) and then I will have a freshman retreat to attend at the Hilton Hua Hin resort just a few hours later.  We will return on Sunday afternoon, but my first classes to teach will be on Monday, when I will teach basically from 10:00am – 10:00pm on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays for the whole month.  I am looking forward to the work, but certainly not the tight schedule upon arrival.

Thailand itself is in a bit of a transition period from the recent ending of protests and all other sorts of news that have had the country in the news over the past month or so.  It has already affected our trip since I will be teaching at the ABAC Hua Mak campus instead of the City campus, but we hope that any further changes will not be substantial.  I will publish a bit more frequently as I did the past two summers in Thailand to update everyone on the things I encounter and the work that gets done.

Unfortunately there has been another transition that we are facing at home with the loss of Joanne, Dad’s fiance’.  It was sudden and a shock to hear the news, while the funeral will be held later today.  We do feel fortunate to have had the extensive time spent with her over countless dinners we shared together since our time back in Wisconsin and that it happened before we left for Thailand.  Though it is always difficult to get a bead on Dad’s emotions, we hope that he pulls through this tough time as best he can.


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