Getting Ready

Had a busy holiday weekend to open the summer.  There was a get-together at cousin Renee’s house on Saturday.  The weather has been warm these past few days, so it was a pleasure to be outdoors and a surprise to see some family that we haven’t seen in some time.  My sister Jenny was in town from up north just days after her third child and brother Chris was visiting for a few days from Nebraska.  Being at Renee’s house brought back memories of the only other time that I visited before, back in 2007 during a break from Alabama while Jet and Ben were away in Thailand.  Not sure if it is coincidence or just repetition since we will be returning to Thailand in just a couple of days.  Sunday was the baptism of sister Sandy’s boy, Bohdi.  We had planned for Dad to come over for dinner on Monday, but as these things happen with our family, it swelled to over 10 guests and was a blast.  It is these spontaneous gatherings that I enjoy most.

As mentioned before, we will be on a plane bound for Bangkok in less than 2 days, so today was a good time to start packing.  Jet has been getting things packed for several weeks.  It is not as bad as it sounds because Jet has 5 bags to pack while I only have 1 … well, I may be lucky just to get one full bag for myself.  I don’t have much to bring, however, because I have left clothes in Thailand last year for future trips and Jet has tons of gifts (as usual) to bring to family and friends back home.  It won’t be long.


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