Tough Weekend

We are at the halfway point in our brief stay in Thailand and these are the toughest days by far.  I have not been to Phitsanulok since we arrived, which stinks because that is where Ben is.  I was originally planning to go this weekend, but that fell through because I had an important meeting to attend to on Friday (yesterday).  The plan was to go next weekend instead.  Unfortunately, my meeting yesterday was cancelled, which I only found out about at the last minute.  This makes it tough knowing that I could have spent Father’s Day with Ben all along.  Jet stopped in town yesterday evening and we did lots of shopping at MBK.  Unfortunately, the visit was all too brief as she had to leave at 4:00am for the airport as she was spending a few days with her friends in Hong Kong.  I give her my full blessing to take this trip because this is something that she deserves after all of the hard work she does back home without much of a break.  Being here all alone does make it tough, though, and I really wish I was with Ben.  I guess a few more days won’t be too bad to wait.  For those of you not on facebook, I have been posting a few more videos of my time here in Thailand.  I wish that I could use the flip HD video camera I got Jet for Mother’s Day, but it is her toy and she has taken a few clips of her own while she has been away.  She also has been taken a few pictures, which I have included a sampling below.  Enjoy!


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