About Us

February 15, 2009

 Jet and I have been living in Oxford, Alabama since August, 2006, arriving from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  We moved to Alabama because of my work as an Assistant Professor at Jacksonville State University in Jacksonville, Alabama.  On January 16, 2007, we had Benja (Ben Andrew Jirapat Ciganek) who has been a joy in our lives.  We travel every year to visit family both in Milwaukee and in Thailand and we blog about those trips (and everything in between) so that you can get a sense of our lives living in Alabama and the (mostly mild) adventures we embark on.  We are glad that you stopped by to check us out – feel free to leave a comment and tell us what you think.

Family Picture (December 2008)

June 12, 2006

Here is a little bit about us.  Jet (Jittima) and I met at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee(UWM) in the summer of 2001.  Jet and I were both teaching assistants for classes in the school of business(now known as the Sheldon B. Lubar school of business), and things took off from there.  Since then, we have traveled the world and visited locales throughout North America, Europe, and Southeast Asia.  We married in June of 2003 in Thailand amongst our family and friends.  Jet graduated from UWM in the summer of 2002 with a MBA (Masters in Business Administration) and I graduated from UWM in the summer of 2006 with a Ph.D. in MIS (Management Information Systems).  We are moving from Milwaukee, Wisconsin to Oxford, Alabama in August, where I will begin a tenure-track faculty position at Jacksonville State Universityin the fall in the Computer Information Systems (CIS) area.

Birthday in Watertown (February 2006)


3 Responses to “About Us”

  1. Mark James Says:

    Andy – A new phd student in MIS has asked me questions about the program and some of the professors. I was wondering if you could give him your phone number so he could call you up and get the straight dope on the MIS department.

    His email is: e2nic@yahoo.com

    Mark James

  2. EddyReese Says:

    Mark and Jet my name is Eddy Reese and I just found your site. I was reading your about us and was surprised to find out you live in Calhoun County and work at JSU. I am from Anniston and have a television program that is produced by TV 24 at JSU. The name of my shows are The Southern Shopper and The Southern Golfer. My theme song is Sweet Home Alabama. I am an Ambassdor for Alabama and like what you are doing. I would like to meet you and Jet. My number is 473-7922 I hope you will call….Eddy

    • eddy reese Says:

      Hey guys I hope all is well with you. I am on a new network Cable One with my new show is called The Best Of Alabama.When you get a chance please call me 256-454-4173 I would like to catch up….Eddy

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