Christmas Lists

Below is ours, feel free to add your own to this list so that we have them all in one location (not easy to lose then!).

Note: Since we may be flying in and out for Christmas, we prefer “smaller” gifts that can easily be transported by plane.


  • Anything Thomas (except clothes)
  • Learning toys (age 3)

Andy and Jet

  • Specialty coffee (breakfast blend – no flavor)
  • To-go coffee travel mug from Starbucks (no handle)
  • Dress socks (black)
  • Gift card – Longhorn Steakhouse, Outback, etc.
  • Baking supplies : Spatulas, utensil holder stainless-steel (to save room in our kitchen drawers) 
  • Anything ?????

7 Responses to “Christmas Lists”

  1. Kristin Says:

    Sammy would like anything pink, princess or pony
    Ty would like pixels, web kinz or a nerf football
    Josh would like horseopoly, or anything cubs/bears
    Bryon and I like gift cards for resturants so we can go on a date, I like Starbucks, thats all I can think of now. Anything wlse you can think of for us would be great.

  2. Jenny Says:

    Jenny and Mark would like a gift card from Target. Yes that is simple.
    Jacob is into guns, hunting and Wii and nerf guns(which unless it is new this christmas he has them)
    Taylor is into scrapbooking. So Stephie, if one of your kids get her name I am sure you have some stamps or paper or something you do not use anymore more at home. Wrap it up and give that to her. She would love it!
    Other than that she can always use clothes. Sweaters are a plus, in Medium. And she loves the Badgers.
    I almost forgot Jenna, wow that is not good.
    I have gotten more than enough clothes for Jenna for I visit the second hand stores too much…Toys will suit her just fine. You be the judge.

  3. Janette Says:

    Happy Thanksgiving!!!

    Abigail: She loves to dress up in princess dresses, crowns, and accessories but has none of her own. She is 4T clothes & size 8 shoe so far this winter if it’s something you’re interested in getting her.
    While Abby has many pots/pans/utencils for her kitchen, she doesn’t have much play kitchen food.
    Additionally, on the cheap end, she loves coloring books (please not the ones with stickers just yet), puzzles (30+ piece), and a good memory game.

    Kaitlyn: Any toys that are for 6+ months. She doesn’t need any clothes for this winter!

    Jeremy & Janette: A belgin waffle maker, gift cards for Olive Garden, Best Buy or Menards.

    Have a great month and see you all soon!!


  4. Stephanie Says:

    Here goes for ideas – keep to the $ limit – don’t need to get everything:) :
    Megan – Hello Kitty calendar (yes, she requested that), Hello Kitty stuff, and a sled (not the blow up kind)
    Nathan – scotch tape (yes, not kidding), army clothes sz 7/8 pants, 9/10 shirt
    Jake – NEEDS & WANTS pants/jeans size 9, scotch tape (they really like tape)
    Michaela – Horse calendar, white tights sz 12/14 – thick ones, slippers sz 9
    Scott & Stephanie – 8″ swiss diamond fry pan (I want to try some new pans)
    Salad spinner
    Dark Chocolate – the darker the better (70% or more) Yum!!!!

  5. Maggie Says:

    – 2 mouse pads with wrist supports (one for work one for home)
    – sonicare toothbrush
    -anything for my classroom you think I would like
    -adam does not want anything, if you really want to get him something a gift card is fine, otherwise don’t worry about it
    *This list is subject to change if Andy and Jet got my name—then Jet knows what I would want*

  6. Chris Says:

    Okay, for us how about, well, like, maybe, kinda, a coffee thermos, or some of that Starbucks coffee (find out what the hub-bub is about), or chocolate covered thin mints (strike that, I think someones already has that taken care of), or a rechargable CRV3 battery with charger (I checked Batteries PLus), or an 8″ saute pan. Or some snow.

  7. Sandy Says:

    Starbucks coffee press -stainless steel one not glass (I put a picture of it in the e-mail)
    Starbucks gift card
    Gift card for Cabelas (there is a jacket I want to get)
    Do not get me all of these it will be over the buget of $75

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