Wheeling and Dealing

Linda organized a neighborhood rummage sale yesterday morning which Jet has been slowly accumulating items for sale (e.g., old clothes, toys, Thai jewelry, etc.) all week long in our garage.  I woke up early, made waffles and coffee for her, and by 7:00am, we had set up shop for some sales.  After a few quick sales we started thinking what else we could sell.  It wasn’t long after that Sup helped me bring out the coffee table, which quickly sold.  When someone else walked up literally one minute later upset that she just missed out on the coffee table, we sold her our patio furniture set in the back.  Not to be outdone, that same women then bought our dining room table set.  Now things were really cooking.  I started to bring about every odd thing laying around the house outside to see what would go, but by then it was already 10:30am and things had slowed down quite a bit.  Just a little too late as no more major sales were made the rest of the morning.  It is no wonder that Jet is such a great salesperson, however, as she had talked just about everyone that stopped by into buying something.  She even sold a box of old clothes of mine that didn’t sell during the last rummage sale we had in the fall and I had planned on donating.  Well, sold to everyone except the woman that drove up in her Mercedes-Benz and complained for five minutes about the prices Jet was charging for her Thai jewelry (everything was under $5) who stormed off shouting, “this is supposed to be a rummage sale!”  I guess you can’t please everybody.  After all was said and done, we are $500 richer but have a gaping whole in our dinning room.


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